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Travel around around 6 countries in 10 days

How to travel around 6 European Countries in 10 days thanks to Rome2rio


This itinerary took us about six (6) months, before summer holiday even started. Checking, scanning,  google-ing and using Rome2rio, trying to save and have minimum budget with maximum time of visiting each country’s landmarks, main tourist attractions and of course, the must visit Unesco and/or world heritage sites. The reason being was we needed to be assured that there are available affordable flights on the days we planned to visit, as well as a confirmation that it is possible to cover 6 countries within a limited period (in our case 10 days).

Websites used:


I have come across Rome2rio since late 2015 and since then fell in love with their service and easy to use platform. Another alternative is GoEuro.com.


As the website says it helps you book any type of accommodation around the world.


This has been transforming lives for both travelers and hostess as it makes it easy to book a room, flat or a house with just one click as well as making it easy to find a guest for your room, flat or house to earn extra money.


As mentioned further on this post we have used mainly Flixbus to travel around Europe, as it is easy to book, straight forward and affordable.


  1. Munich, Germany (2 days)
  2. Ljubljana and Lake Bled at Slovenia (2 days)
  3. Zagreb, Croatia (5hrs)
  4. Budapest, Hungary (3 days)
  5. Bratislava, Slovakia (day trip from Vienna)
  6. Vienna, Austria (2 days)

Thanks to Rome2rio this travel itinerary was made possible. If you are used to using Google Maps which I also use, Rome2rio is the same but offers more option suitable for travellers as they connect all your journeys together and shows you how long the entrie journey duration will take if you select whichever mode of transportation i.e. coach, train, plane or even when driving. More detailed review coming up regarding how to use Rome2rio.

Lucky enough, we made it, Hurray!!!,  we managed to visit the major attractions and  landmarks of each countries with the help of the hop on hop off Tour Buses and City Sightseeing Tours. Except for Zagreb where we had a 5 hour layover, but used it to climb up, with our luggages, to have a peek of one of  the most emblematic buildings, the St. Mark’s Church, on our way to Budapest, and able to squeeze a side trip day tour to Bratislava, going around their cobbled and narrow city centre streets.

With regards to planning, a lot of time was poured in assuring that the timing of moving from one country to another was spot on as public transport was our option, thanks to Flixbus for making it possible to transfer around Europe quick, easy and straight forward. The longest journey was 4-5 hrs from Munich to Ljubljana, Zagreb to Budapest and Budapest to Vienna, it costs £15.00 for 2 people one way for these journey, please check their website for latest rates.




Till next time