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As previously mentioned on “How to travel around 6 European countries within 10 days”  This post will be a detailed post of how to plan your trip using Rome2rio. This was what I use for planning any upcoming itinerary especially if I am going to travel around multiple countries within a set schedule. On my previous post “top 5 underrated European Countries” countries 1,3,4 and 5 was included in the 6 countries we have visited within 10 days.

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Best Planning tool for Travelers


STEP ONE – Search Page

Visit Rome2rio.com and type in your first destination. Also to be able to save any of your itinerary for future reference you can Sign up for free and start planning all those dream holidays you have in mind. Not only can you use this search engine to plan your journey and flights you are also able to check which accommodations and rental cars options. Before clicking that search button make sure that the currency is set to whichever currency you prefer.

Rome2rio first page

This will then direct you to STEP TWO as shown below. This page will list all the various transport option from bus trips to flights.


STEP TWO – Transport Options

In this page Rome2Rio has listed all the transport option including the estimated rates of how much it will cost and how long it will the journey take. Having a birds eye view of the cost and travel duration makes is simple and easy to review your itinerary.


Munich to Ljubljana by Land options - Rome2rio

Munich to Ljubljana by Land options – Rome2rio



Munich to Ljubljana by Plane - Rome2rio

Munich to Ljubljana by Plane – Rome2rio


STEP 3 – Choosing the best transport option


If you have chosen to take the bus route – depending on the country Flixbus will show up on top of their list. A detailed bust timetable and schedule will be shown depending on your chosen dates and time. This makes it easy to plan when is the best time to leave destination A and how long will it take to go to destination B. If you have limited time and decided to take public transport, knowing the timetable and duration of travel will help you assure that you have not wasted a whole day travelling from point A to B.

Flixbus Schedule Munich to Ljubljana

Flixbus Schedule Munich to Ljubljana


As shown on the screenshot below, Flixbus is not the only bus service available. It is common that a local bus service would be recommended which comes in cheaper most of the times. The only catch is that some (not all) of the bus service websites are designed for the local market depending on the country the bus provider is located. They do have an option to have the website translated however if you are not sure, its always better to inquire first or look for reviews. A summary of the bus services details is also shown on the screen shot below making it easier to compare which bus service would be suitable for your itinerary.

Munich to Ljubljana via Flixbus - Rome2Rio

Munich to Ljubljana via Flixbus – Rome2Rio


Flixbus details via Rome2rio

Flixbus details via Rome2rio



Another option is travelling via Train. I have personally not tried any of the local rail service as this option costs more than the bus option. However if you prefer taking the train, they have various train service available. Again similar to the bus services there will always be a local or regional railway service suggested as it is accessible and usually much cheaper than other international or intercity rail service such as Eurocity, Intercity Express and Railjet.

Munich to Ljubljana by Train - Rome2rio

Munich to Ljubljana by Train – Rome2rio


Unlike the typical bus and rail option Rome2rio has a rideshare option which honestly I never would have thought of. If you have had an experience with Rideshare please feel free to post a comment down below and share us your thoughts and experience.

Just a quick disclaimer any information provided on all of my blog post is to be taken at your own risk.

Munich to Ljubljana rideshare - Blablacar

Munich to Ljubljana rideshare – Blablacar



If you enjoy driving around different countries, and do not mind driving more than 1 hour, I believe this is the fastest and quickest option. Unlike public transport you are able to schedule your own departure and arrival. Just keep a note of all the toll and border crossing fees and checks. When renting make sure to ask your renting provider all the know hows and need to knows before travelling .


Munich to Ljubljana by car - Rome2rio

Munich to Ljubljana by car – Rome2rio


STEP 4 – Accommodation check

Journey planning is not the only feature Rome2rio has to offer. As you would have noticed Rome2Rio and Booking.com are partners hence if you are Booking.com member using Rome2rio would feel like a breeze as you can book your flights and accommodation at the same time. Besides answering the question “how to plan your trip” Rome2rio can also assist you with “where to stay at (city)” and “hotels 5 minutes away from the center”.


book a Hotel in Ljubljana via Booking.com

book a Hotel in Ljubljana via Booking.com


Not only is Rome2rio a great website for planning your journey, it also has other features such as “how to plan your day and explore the city of your choice”. Rome2rio is in partnership with TripAdvisor making it accessible and straightforward to complete planning your itinerary by making a list of all the top must do and must see.

Explore Ljubljana attractions - Rome2rio

Explore Ljubljana attractions – Rome2rio



Munich, Ljubljana and Zagreb itinerary via bus - Rome2rio

Munich, Ljubljana and Zagreb itinerary via bus – Rome2rio



After you have completed your itinerary it should look similar to the screen shot shown below. Once you are happy with your itinerary, you can either save it or share it to your loved ones.

6 countries travel itinerary

6 European countries travel itinerary – Rome2rio

I started using Rome2rio since 2015 and have been using it when planning a jam-packed itinerary. If you enjoy this type of itinerary Rome2rio would definitely be a great with assisting you on how to plan your trip. How about you how are you going to plan you next European trip?

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