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Wanderlust fund

Wanderlust Fund – Save £1,000 in 16 weeks

This post is greatly influenced mostly by Pinterest (don’t forget to follow /theamalog).

WANDERLUST FUND challenge is designed to anyone as it is the new year, why not start saving for the next travel destination or dream holiday that you have been wanting to tick of your bucket list since forever. If you have not planned your dream trip might as well start saving for “unexpected trips”. Instead of just wandering around the web and social platforms looking at beautiful holiday photos of your friends why not create your own #dreamholiday #travelgoals #wanderlust.


*Wanderlust – is defined as a desire for wandering. (wander + lust [desire] = wanderlust)

Amalog’s Wanderlust* Fund challenge was a tried and tested savings challenge format, this can serve as guideline to your own wanderlust fund challenge. If the budget is too low or too high, feel free to tweak you number and adjust the duration to suit your needs. Not only is this applicable for saving up on your next travel but also for any other saving goals you have in mind.

So what’s stopping you from wandering around new places, new environment and completely new experience?.  Always remember you are the pilot of your life, go and wander around and experience things you never thought you would have experienced. Another quote is “you are not born to pay the bills and die”, whether you are an introvert or extrovert wandering around helps improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally and specially spiritually.