About This Site

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AMALOG was created to serve as an online log to assist the readers with regards to topics relating to “Be your own boss and travel the world” and “How to reach financial freedom”, which has been dominating the social media platform on the past few years, thanks to the forward thinking “MILLENNIALS” nowadays wanting to have their own business and work from home, or shall we say work on their laptop whilst travelling around the world. If this is not your cup of tea, somewhat at some point of your life the statement “achieving financial freedom” or “financial stability” has come across your mind. Hopefully this blog will give you inspiration and guidelines as to how to achieve and overcome any issues or questions you have in mind in relation to these topics.

This website will also be packed of easy to read know-hows making it short and informative suitable to anyone on the go.

If you have any suggestions or comments this will be greatly appreciated.